Part NoDescriptionQty
VGSS1500Y1 1/2 ” Square Hazard Stakes & OB Markers VG Yellow2$286.65$148.76
VGRS1250W1 1/4″ OD (1″ ID) MAKE YOUR OWN Round Hazard Stakes Vinyl Guard White1$204.75$122.20
VGRS1250R1 1/4″ OD (1″ ID) MAKE YOUR OWN Round Hazard Stakes Vinyl Guard Red1$204.75$122.20
VGRC1250B1 1/4″ Round Caps for MAKE YOUR OWN Hazard Stakes & OB Markers Black1$54.60$27.46
VGHG1000BVinyl Guard Replacement Handle Grips 1″ 25 per box10$72.15$29.50
VGBW2750BStandard Ball Washer Mounting Post Vinyl Guard Black2$239.85$119.00
Part NoDescriptionQty
P1007-01Hole Cutter Replacement Blade 7″” Plain Edge, Inside Sharpened1$63.88$40.35
P1009-02HIO Outside Sharpened Replacement Blade1$154.24$97.41
P10128″” Cup Cutter Adapter3$124.32$78.52
P1045Replacement Fiberglass Tip2$52.33$33.05
P1310-02Touch-up Paint, Hunter Green4$37.13$23.45
P1732-6Top Stud for all Par Aide Flag Sticks (package of 6)2$22.79$14.40
P795-01Pin Placement Ind., Screen Printed w/Please Repair Ball Marks for 3/4″2$79.33$50.10
P795-03Pin Placement Ind., Screen Printed w/Please Repair Ball Marks for 3/4″1$79.33$41.22
P9200Jr. Flag, Tube Style, Red, Set of 91$79.33$50.10
P9206Jr. Flag, Tube Style, Yellow, Set of 91$79.33$50.10
P9258″” Putting Cup, Plastic3$22.77$14.38
P940Practice Green Putting Cup, Plastic23$9.29$5.87
P972-554″” Rake Handle w/grip, Green Hollow Fiberglass36$20.00$16.00
P972-672″” Rake Handle w/grip, Green Hollow Fiberglass2$25.00$20.00
P990-01Accuform Ace II, 17″” Head only34$19.95$15.96
P995-01Accuform Ace II, 25″” Head only20$21.00$16.80
Part NoDescriptionQty
S02200Ball Rack Only-Obsolete1$186.20$116.39
S05354 Grommet Only for Royaline Flagstick 35$0.95$0.48
S05360 Grommet Only for Tournament Flagstick 101$0.95$0.48
S05365 Placement Flag for Royaline Flagstick 2$68.40$39.00
S10701 Replacement Card Packs 6$6.65$3.41
S11206 7/8″ (2.2 cm) Rake Handle Grip-Aluminum Handle 23$1.43$0.73
S11701 20″ (51 cm) Tour Pro-Head 14$19.95$11.38
S11771 25″ (64 cm) Tour Pro-Head 2$25.65$14.62
S18100 Plastic Practice Green Cup 70$8.55$4.38
S18150 Aluminum Practice Green Cup 22$30.40$15.11
S18222 ST2000 Plastic Cup 9$17.58$7.42
S20596 Nylon Flag-Large Tube-Plain Green Single Practice Green38$8.55$4.39
S20694 Nylon Flag-Small Tube-Plain Red Single Practice Green10$7.60$3.43
S20696 Nylon Flag-Large Tube-Plain Red Single Practice Green24$8.55$4.39
S20797Plain White Nylon-large tube (set of 9) Practice Green4$76.95$39.48
S20896 Nylon Flag-Large Tube-Plain Yellow Single Practice Green4$8.55$4.39
S20917 Nylon Flag-Large Tube-Black/White Checkered Single Practice Green1$16.15$9.85
S20927 Nylon Flag-Large Tube-Red/White Checkered Single Practice Green9$16.15$9.86
S20937 Nylon Flag-Large Tube-Black/Yellow Checkered Single Practice Green12$16.15$9.86
S20996 Nylon Flag-Large Tube-Plain Blue Single Practice Green24$8.55$4.39
S22110T Nylon White/Red 10-18 3$188.10$87.75
S22410TNylon Black 1$142.50$70.20
S22420TNylon Pink 2$142.50$70.20
S22640TPNylon Checkered White/Medium Blue 1$285.00$156.00
S26412Acorn Nut275$0.95$0.48
S26760 EasyMark II 65$8.55$4.38
S28400 Hole Cutter Shell Sharpener 4$30.40$15.60
S29700 Weed Wand-33 4$66.50$32.17
S29907 7″ (17.8 cm) Head-69 1$134.90$67.27
S30100 Cup Setter 5$19.00$9.75
S52050Set of Extensions (2)1$551.00$277.87
S52063 27″ (69 cm) Brush Only 4$68.40$31.20
S55600 E-ZEE White Tool Only 2$85.50$43.87
S55700 E-ZEE White Paint-Case of 6 cans 3$108.30$47.96
S71136 36″ (91 cm) Magnum Maintenance Rake 2$144.40$73.12
S71337 36″ (91 cm) Roller Head Only 2$148.20$75.07